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 At first when I heard the topic of last week’s seminar, I was really skeptical and was not looking forward to sitting through it. I expected it to be a really dull presentation full of information I already knew. I am happy to say that I was quite wrong. I really appreciated and enjoyed Dr. Christopher’s talk. We went over some things that I feel will be extremely useful to my career as a graduate student. Not to mention, Dr. Christopher was just an all around nice guy and seemed to really care about the success of UAHuntsville graduate students. It was just the motivational “kick in the pants” that I needed to finish out (what I hope to be) one of the hardest semesters of my graduate education.  Overall I am very thankful for Dr. Christopher and the work that he does at the University. This was a very valuable learning experience.


On Managing your advisor
This information should be handed out at student orientation! It took me a year or two to figure this out. Excellent chapter!


I enjoyed Dr. Sundar Christopher’s talk. I wish I could have heard him speak the day of my UAH Graduate School Orientation almost two years ago. I would have worked harder to manage my time more effectively, started writing my thesis a year and a half ago, and started job hunting a year ago as well.

Fall 2012

  1.  At times the candor on total truth was intimidating, but I guess it’s better to hear it now rather than later.
  2. I think that this course is quite beneficial for students.  I do with there were more applications for developing those more operationally inclined.
  3. Great class for anyone near the job hunt phase.  Also great experience with proposal writing.
  4. Most practical class in grad school.  Very good.
  5. Great class.  Very useful information. Maybe add some aspects of job interview and other skills relating to operations, let alone research.
  6. Great class.  I imagine it will really help me going forward.__________________________

Hello Professor Christopher! I’m currently a senior at the University of W. I’m in the process of reading your book about graduate school and I’m so excited all of my questions are being answered! This is an incredibly helpful book!

Hi Professor Christopher, I was at the AMS Annual Meeting, including the Student Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on professional development and was wondering when your new book, “Positioning Yourself For Success”, will become available for purchase, and where I could get a copy?

Greetings!  As the chair of the National Weather Association’s Professional Development Committee, I am collecting resources for professional development opportunities for operational forecasters, broadcasters and students.  I understand you teach a course on professional development and are in the final stages of writing a book on the subject. I also was told that you were a presenter at the AMS Student Conference in Phoenix, and had some great advice for undergraduate and graduate students as far as professional development in grant writing, CV writing, publishing, etc. Would it be possible to get access to your professional development resources and references so that I could share them with the NWA members?

Kenneth Carey
Chair, NWA Professional Development Committee

From Students:
Highly recommended course. Very nice reading material. Focus too much on PhD to academic career path. Offer more time/discussion on other paths such as those MS students may follow.

Thanks for offering a taste of this course to undergrads and others (NESSF short seminar).

Really appreciate open, honest explanation of university system and how to maneuver myself through it.

I strongly recommend this class to be 3 credit hours. Then more assignments can be provided for students to practice and prepare for their future career.

Very useful class. I learned something that beyond the textbook.

Have course focus a little more on master students.

Never stop teaching this class.

Thanks for talking about dissertations.

This is an important course for all students. I congratulate the professor and the university for providing the course, and encourage them to keep offering the course.

This class is very useful to me understanding the whole parts of research funding/job searching, etc. If I become a university professor, I would like to teach this kind of class. Great!

The class was very informative. It provided great detail into the proposal process. The casual atmosphere provided no pressure answer and question interaction.

This was a very practical, useful course. The experience writing a proposal and information provided on the proposal process was quite useful and will likely especially serve me well in the future.

I really enjoyed this class & learned a lot! Before this class I didn’t even really know what a proposal was, so at least now I can hopefully write a good one!

Class was informative and I feel (the class) is extremely important to the career development of students. Keep up the good work!

The class was very informative and will help as I go along in my academic/professional career. It should be a two or three credit hour class.

This was a good course. Not many classes present “practical” information.

Very good class. Everything was worthwhile.

Great class. Learned a lot. Professor really cares about students.

Class was useful – very actually.

The class was very informative and worth the time. The workload was relevant.

I would recommend teaching this class to a wider range of students in other departments.

(Dr. Christopher) did his homework well.

Proposal assignment was difficult but a great learning experience.

This course taught a lot about university “politics” with the insights of an experienced professor.

Course was worth being taught as a 3-credit hour course.

I actually feel like this class was exactly what I needed transitioning into the professional world. The proposal examples presented and discussion of behind the scenes review processes are extremely helpful and not discussed in any other classes.
Very effective presenter of materials and promoter of learning. Asked thoughtful questions to engage the students.

On Ditch the dissertation
I know of a few other professors that adhere to this method, and the students and advisors love it! If I ever find myself advising a student during my career, this is the path I intend on taking.


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