Class Projects

Class assignments for ATS 782 can be found here.

Project 1:

Career Development Essay: Write a career development essay based on strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. (sample)

Project 2:

Proposal writing exercise:

1)    PhD students in the class are required to write a proposal based on NASA New Investigator Guidelines. See for further details.

2)    PhD students whose research topics are better suited for NSF must provide the NSF program that they would like to propose to and follow those guidelines.

3)    M.S. students in the course are required to a NASA NESSF proposal. See for further details.

4)    M.S. Students must also write a NSF GRFP Proposal


Project 3:

Job Hunt and Resume/CV

Your task is to search for jobs available in your area of interest. The following is required:
a) Identify at least 2 jobs to which you could potentially respond. In your report, include the job announcements and web
sites (or sources) where you found out about these jobs. If you did email inquiries, indicate name of person, their organization and pertinent details.

b) Now compare your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that you outlined in the career development essay with the job announcements. What steps would you take to exploit your strengths or address your weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?

c) Write two resumes based upon the job search that you conducted. Include a cover letter for each resume.


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