It’s January of a brand new year and everything is on target for you to defend your thesis and graduate by December. The culminating moment is almost here — the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It is springtime, and things are still looking good for that grand finale. The trees and flowers are beginning to bloom, and you are walking a foot taller. Enter monkey wrench — a job offer. This job has come looking for you. What do you do in this case? You have a short period of time before you graduate, and a job offer has come knocking at your door. This happens too many times. Why is this tempting? First, it’s the money. Let’s be honest; that first real pay check would really feel good! Next, it is the job itself. This is your chance for a real job with real job responsibilities. The students who accept these offers are called ABD’s — All But Dissertation!

“Finish your degree and then get on with your life. You’ve worked way too hard to be a perennial ABD!”

“Without vision and forward thinking, there will be much chaos later on!”

When I began my career, the person responsible for discussing salaries did not even give me an opportunity to discuss anything. He wrapped up the discussion by noting that the salary had been set by the organization and that was that. Only a year later did I realize that I was cheated out of a good starting salary!


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