I hope you realize that you are not going to be the only one submitting a proposal for this RFP announcement. At least five to ten times the number of people who will be funded will apply. That means that well over a hundred young brilliant minds will be competing for that same pot of money. Now, I hope this all makes sense that every edge you have whether in the already established results and the fine-tuning of the proposal and the various points I have raised.

“Trying to be shy or modest is not the right thing to do when you are writing the proposal. If you have strengths in your team, then say so. If you have pioneered a certain method, then say so.”

“Learn how to identify stress factors in your life. Before it gets to you, take measures to avoid the effects of stress. Manage time well and, of course, eat well, exercise often, and live long! Productivity is definitely linked to the well being of the whole you!”

Proposal Writing


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